You don’t need to travel to a centre

Your child simply logs in from home and connects with a qualified Kip tutor in real time

It’s ideal for busy families or for those who don’t live near a Kip McGrath centre




Your child will be able to see and talk to their tutor using our interactive software. They use the same learning materials that they would use in centre. It’s so convenient and all you need is a computer, webcam, headset and a reliable internet connection.

It’s not an app. It’s live online tutoring with a qualified teacher.

All you need is a webcam, an internet connection and headphones

How much does it cost?

The initial assessment is free. 60 minute tutoring sessions on average cost £31.50.

60 minute weekly sessions

Students attend at least one session per week focusing on either English or Maths.

How will I know my child is improving?

Your Kip McGrath tutor will provide regular progress reports and updates to track how your child is improving.

Experience the convenience of Kip McGrath's online tutoring

Educationally sound

All programmes are designed specifically for your child. Tuition is conducted by qualifed educatiors in a small group learning environment.
Resources are in line the national curriculum.

Live interaction
Your child will be able to see and talk to their tutor using our interactive software.

Convenient and accessible
Convenient and accessible
No travel time and no more frantic drop offs and pick ups after school. Perfect for busy families or those working internationally.

Safe and secure
All Kip McGrath tutors are qualified teachers with cleared safeguarding checks.

Student anonymity
Students can access additional help without the embarrassment associated with falling behind or having difficulty keeping up with their school classmates. Ideal for all ages.

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